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Business Profile

Porter and Company, Certified Public Accountants have been practicing public accounting for forty years. Our goal has been to provide clients with the highest level of technical expertise with personalized service.

Your Most Valuable Business Asset…

…may be the accounting services you receive. Whether your business needs are simple or complex, my firm has the full working knowledge of tax laws to serve all your accounting needs from tax planning to financial accounting to long-term planning.

Our Values


We are competent to solve problems by having an in-depth knowledge of our client’s situations


The gradual result of always striving to be better


Consistently honest in every aspect of our profession

Your Are a Part of the Boom…

…that is completely reshaping the way Americans think about small business and personal assets. The increased sophistication and expanding need for information, capital, and systems to manage them is simply staggering.

The boom in the small business sector has also created a sizable gap in the range of accounting services available to them. And in addition to this gap, you have had to sacrifice the personal one-on-one attention you had once expected to be a valuable part of your professional services.

That is why I am concentrating on helping smaller businesses like yours to grow and to become more effective so that you can have the personal one-on-one service and still receive the accounting services you need.

Because You Are the Decision Maker...

…in a business employing fewer than 50 employees, with annual sales anywhere between $50,000 and $50 million.

Whether business today is good or bad, the plain truth is it can always be better. But in order to increase it, you need to make one key decision now.

You need to choose an accountant and financial advisor to help assess current - and plan for future – profitability; an accountant who can offer you continuity as you grow because you'll never be able to outgrow him.

Choose the Accountant Who Can Help You Grow…

…Choose the accountant whose focus is helping small businesses and individuals with a wide range of accounting services that answer important financial questions.

Questions such as:

  • How do I lower my income taxes?
  • How do I run a business to be more profitable, increase cash flow, achieve my goals, and still minimize debt or get out of debt altogether?
  • How do I know when I have sufficient assets for expansion, retirement, and my other goals?
  • What other questions should I ask in order to reach my financial goals?

Because every decision you make today has a material impact on your long-term goals, you need to make that key decision today. There are very few sources for long-range financial information - the information absolutely necessary for you to make wise decisions.

Client Focused

We help entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through tax planning strategies. The more we can educate our clients the more power they have to reduce their tax burden. We like to pride ourselves on being contributors to our client’s success. We have your best interests in mind and therefore, we will provide the advice to put you in the best position to be successful.

Team of advisors

When you work with us its not just our firm that you employ. You will gain the network of advisors we have spent years building and working with. We provide the tax and accounting piece to best help you. However, there are many parts to your business that make it worthwhile to have a team work together. Your team of advisors needs to work together so that any one plan of action or goal will work to benefit the other aspects of your business.

Education and resources

We encourage you to learn and continue moving forward. We hold monthly webinars for our clients called the “Entrepreneur and Investor Series”. This is a complimentary educational webinar pertaining to information relative to our client base in the areas of investing, business, and tax. We have held seminars on Ways to Reduce your Tax, Retirement Strategies, Market Outlook, Estate Planning, Investing in Multi Family Real Estate and much more. This is a chance to learn, explore, and be introduced to our team of advisors directly.

Past webinars are available online at - https://tinyurl.com/PcEi2020

As part of my personal one-on-one service I promise:

  • Your phone calls will be returned promptly, usually the same day.
  • Your financial statements will be returned within ten business days of receipt of your information.
  • Your tax returns and any other compliance forms will be completed by or before the promised date.
  • Your taxes will always be projected ahead of time and you will always be advised as how to reduce your taxes in advance.

My Services Reflect My Commitment...

  1. Computer generated
    • Detailed General Ledger
    • Income Statements and Balance Sheets/li>
  • Preparation of payroll and sales tax returns
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Corporate and personal income tax preparation
  • Profit sharing and pension planning
  • Financial and tax planning
  • Acquisition and divestiture analysis
  • Financial and capital expenditure studies
  • Computer software applications and installations
  • Complete Quick Books installation and training

Call Now and Your First Consultation Is Free...

Because I know our business association will be right for assisting you in meeting your long-range goals, simply call me at (817-261-2582) to arrange a time to meet.

During our meeting, you may ask me any questions you would like to ask a CPA. Furthermore, I will obtain the information to complete a preliminary problem determination and tax analysis for your individual and business financial needs. This will be a free in-depth review and tax analysis that can let you know where your business and personal assets stand at risk today - and help prevent losses for tomorrow.

I Will Always Take Time to Discuss the New Tax Laws and How You and Your Business Will Be Affected by Them

Since you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, call this number today: (817-261-2582), and see what it’s like to get the highest level of technical expertise with personalized service.

Vince I. Porter, CPA
Porter & Company, CPAs