Audit Representation

Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service audit. The very phrase strikes fear into the most stalwart heart. We have all heard the horror stories of people who have faced the scrutiny of the IRS.

Fortunately, if you or a loved one is facing an IRS audit, you don't have to go through it alone. We are enrolled to represent you during an audit before the IRS. We can handle the power of attorney to not only provide expertise in navigating the complex tax code, but to protect you and your family from financial harm.

You don't have to deal with the IRS yourself. We can handle it for you. We can negotiate terms should you be found to owe back taxes and penalties, and our services cost substantially less than a tax attorney.


State Tax Audits

We represent our client's interests during state & local tax audits to ensure they pay only what's fair. We can represent your organization during a sale and use tax audit to get you the best results. You have specific legal rights with respect to the manner in which audit procedures are applied, and the way taxing authorities may pursue the collection of delinquent taxes. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the most professional treatment from tax collectors, and that your rights are not violated. We will vigorously defend your interests from the beginning of the audit through the appeals process, seeking to minimize your audit assessment.